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Our Story

In 2015, Macintosh Sisters began with a genuine curiosity to explore the endless possibilities of connecting live casino to the digital world. We’re the masters of experience and interface design. We help casinos approach things from the needs of their players and create better products. With clients like Lez Rizk Casino, Metro Royale Casino, Gambling Arts,, and Epic Jackpot, we are deeply addicted to design mobile apps for casinos worldwide. Macintosh Sisters was built to be unique. An alternative to large app development agencies. A chance to keep eyes on future-proof UI that delight and deliver. We strive not for creating fluid, agile, sleek, and modern designs but simple designs with better clarity.

Why Macintosh Sisters? Glad You Asked.

We know how hard it is to find the ‘right’ Mobile App Design & Development Agency. Is Macintosh Sisters good? (Yup.) Does the team jell well work customers? (Yup. Yup. – in fact, we wave; we adapt; we might even zig here and zap there; we’re flexible like and Amazingkids). How many apps did they build? (Countless!). Will they develop solid apps and not charge a bomb? (Well, our clients say so!).

Few Success Stories

Lez Rizk casino

The Lez Risk Casino is Netherland’s most popular casino with over three thousand slot machines and 100+ gambling tables. Starvegas Casino has a huge selection of gambling games which always seems to attract a good number of new players. It also manages 2 popular restaurants with live entertainment on weekends.

What we did for them: UI-UX App Development – Android and iOS Back-end The Lez Rizk Casino app allows gambling enthusiasts to sign up and play online gambling games with few simple clicks. The main motive of the app is to connect their online and offline casinos and to boost traffic and revenue. In a nutshell: We’ve put in extra efforts to pack the same punch as their main website, branded in their recognizable green-white-black color palette. The app is a breeze to load and navigate, with large icons and text detailing what games and promotions on offer. The app also has links within it to download other apps of the Lez Rizk Casino group including its bingo app and dedicated roulette app. The app also shows a lsit of casinos zonder licentie for the Netherlands.

Oranjecasino Paypal Oranje casino Paypal Casino

It is one of the finest PayPal casinos established on the soil of Amsterdam. The casino has an exciting series of 2000+ slot machines. With 72 tables and a poker room, Oranje casino Nederland Paypal Casino offers a membership card, no bonus deposits and highest average payouts in the Netherlands. Gamblers can earn as many points by visiting daily or by extending the validity of their membership card. They have daily jackpots and weekly tournaments to keep the gamblers engaged and energized.

What we did for them: UI-UX Android App Development Back-end In a nutshell: The choice of games available in RecoSpin App includes progressive slots and live casino games, featuring live dealers for classic games like blackjack, roulette, and more. To help sort through the plenitude of games, an easy-to-use search bar is included under the welcome banner of the app. Generous bonuses and free spins, and promotions are included in the app to prompt the players to come back for more. LEARN MORE

Casino Rex Casino Rex

Boasting over 20 million customers and covering more than 92 countries Casino Rex is one of the most visited online casinos in Europe. The rich selection of slots and pokers are duly mentioned in the Casino Rex. With a wide variety of live dealer games, progressive jackpot slots, and a wide range of currency acceptance policy, Casino rex tops the list of ‘Top 10 online casinos in Canada’.

What we did for them: UI-UX App Development Android and iOS Back-end In a nutshell: The Casino Rex app offers one of the biggest casino game libraries with around 750+ games to choose from. The app retained the same aesthetics of the website, reworked for the mobile and tablet. The app can be downloaded and installed via the iTunes store or Google Play store. For easy navigation, games are presented under different sections: All Games, New Games, Metatrader 4, Video Slots, Top Rated, Jackpot Games, Table Games, Book of Dead online and Live Casino Games. LEARN MORE

We’re small and we shake things up

Macintosh Sisters is a team of 6 Homo sapiens and 1 Felis catus. We define visions together, set up milestones, and achieve them. We got each other. You got us.

Elena Macintosh

Most likely the last person you’ll meet, working with us. She isn’t obsessed with people but with pushing pixels and writing codes. She thinks she’s designed to be an alien. She loves taunting her fellow Homo sapiens and Felis catus by avoiding Ping Pong and Putt Putt but loves to go for trekking. Elena is the perfect Ying, to our nerd Yang.

Kristy Macintosh

The mastermind behind our stunning User Interfaces and bug-free apps. Being a perfectionist soul, she believes in the intersection of simple UI and technology. Right now, she’s probably eating her cheesecake while thinking what UI works for those neue Paypal casinos.

Sandy Macintosh

Our guardian angel! From branding to online reputation management, client interactions, and booking our spa visits (yep, she thinks we’re always stressed and need unwinding) she ensures there is harmony in our life. She’s obsessed with buying more indoor plants (read: above and beyond necessity). No wonder Macintosh Sisters is becoming a Boho studio!

Max May

The only person in our team who have never been to a Casino like Spin Palace Canada casino and doesn’t want to (yes, he exist!). Lover of iOS, Max loves everything techy. When away from his couch (you’ll never find him on his desk!) he can be found adding more names to his ever-growing ‘online casino top 10 of this month’ list.

Sandy Stanley

Sandy number 2 loves and takes care of design and front-end development. She and Kristy jell well because both speak the language of epic designs, which, at times, we just can’t understand. When she’s not frothing over designs, you can find her fine-tuning her cupcake recipe book. If life is a big fat box of yummy cupcakes, she would eat it all in a snap!

Andrew Lim

Tinkering with code is his all-time favorite activity. Offline, his hobbies are playing a prank on Elena, hunting down new ways to style his beard, and lusting over live casino games. He is an avid gambler and a violinist, too.


He spends more time sleeping than, say, any one of us at Macintosh Sisters. Other things that fascinate him are a high hiding place, playing with lint and string, and birdwatching. He is the most important part of our life….btw, this line is not ours; this is Muffin’s contribution!

Our Business Platter

Let’s Talk App

At Macintosh Sisters, we draft innovative blueprints for designing, building and launching iOS and Android apps for casinos worldwide. Over the years, we’ve worked on a lot of apps—hundreds, in fact, covering both online and offline casinos. If you want a compact team that will help plan or build an app that aligns with casino’s goals, we’re the right peeps for you.

Design and User Experience

Simple, stunning, intuitive & value-adding mobile apps – that’s what we promise. UI is what your users think when they first see your app. UX is what happens when they start exploring its offerings. We work passionately to bring both the worlds to you and your end-users. That’s why the apps we develop always top the lists like ‘Best user-friendly casino mobile apps of the year….’, ‘Best iPhone Casino Apps’, ‘Top 10 live casino mobile apps’ and more.

Native iOS App Development

We’ve been developing apps for the App Store since 2015. We know native iOS App Development isn’t as easy as ABC. So, we spend more time to familiarize with and master the nitty-gritty of latest technologies, devices, and OS. Our service encompasses everything from Product Ideation to App store submission and approval. If you still have quizzical looks, check out our portfolio.

Native Android App Development

As a smartphone operating system, Android still reigns supreme. Even iOS lovers can’t deny that. Though it is one of the most popular OS in the world, it’s overlooked by many app development agencies. We, at Macintosh Sisters understand the technical know-how of designing, developing, and launching Android apps for casinos. Leveraging agile process and our combined expertise, we ensure you don’t get just another Android app to clutter the Play Store. What we deliver is a one-of-a-kind mobile experience! Check out our award-winning Award apps and you’ll know why Play Store happily approves our apps whenever we submit them.

Testing & QA

Guesswork has no place at Macintosh Sisters. We test, re-test, and re-re-test to fix bugs so, every line of code we write, each pixel on the screen and all interactions with the app fall in place. We know when your app is ready for review and launch. Got an app in mind for your casino? Let’s chat here: or here: @macsis_7

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